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I was terrified to send my children to day care after having had a wonderful nanny for many years. We chose Great Beginnings because it was different. It was smaller and had an “at home” feel. Sending our girls there ended up being a fabulous decision! While only there for a few years, the center and teachers became family. I never once felt anything other than complete trust and comfort with their care. There is a great balance of discipline, structure, compassion and fun which made for a really great experience. Now in kindergarten, our girls are more than prepared and are doing great! They still ask about their teachers at Great Beginnings and remember those years fondly. Our last day was very bittersweet as we moved onto kindergarten but had to say goodbye to all those wonderful faces! Happy 25th!

- The Amells



Great Beginnings provides excellent care and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to have our children attend. They provide a safe and loving environment in a home-like atmosphere and all the caregivers regardless of classroom know each child by name. Their curriculum starts at the earliest age and prepares a solid foundation for later learning. The Preschool and Pre-K program is top notch and received high praise from my oldest daughter’s kindergarten teacher as she was more than prepared for the requirements of kindergarten. We are very satisfied with the attention provided by the caregivers and the development of our children from infant to preschooler. Great Beginnings feels like extended family and we will be sad when our youngest daughter moves onto elementary school. We highly recommend them.

- The Barbours



I cannot say enough positive things about Great Beginnings. This school had an absolutely dynamic impact on my family’s life. It truly was a safe, caring, learning environment that was a GREAT beginning in my children’s life that we will always cherish!

- Christina Houston



Our three boys attended Great Beginnings for the last 10 years. I am amazed at how little turn over they had during all those years. The women in the infant room are rock stars. You can trust your teeny tiny babies with them and know that, if you were to stop by during the day, you’d be happy with what your little peanut is doing in their safe, loving environment. My last child learned a great deal in the 3, 4, and 5 classrooms. He loved their system of rewards and even tried to get us to use it at home! We knew he was ready for kindergarten and is doing a fabulous job. These women view your children as their own. You will be impressed with the daily care and particularly the fuss they make for birthday parties (with special homemade hats and cupcakes), Valentine’s Day (with helium balloons for all), to their amazing Halloween party complete with décor, costumes and goodies. I miss them already!

- Alison



Abby and Leah were both at Great Beginnings from 3 months old until kindergarten. They are still friends with many of the kids they meet there. Everyone that worked there became like family and took such great care of the girls. Alot of times they didn't want to leave when I came to pick them up! Congrats on 25 years!

- Paula Johnson



Great Beginnings is exactly what its name portrays: the best start a child could have. To my husband, me, and our 3 kids, it was truly a gift. My daughter started at GB when she was two, in the Barely 3’s, where she was quickly potty-trained and on her way to pre-school learning. Miss Cathy makes sure every child is well-prepared for Kindergarten. The boys started in the infant room at age 8-weeks. With the warmth, care, and dedication to individual growth shown by Miss Julie and others, I never felt guilty about leaving them there to go to work. My kids thrived on the relationships they formed with their care-givers and other students, some of whom we’ve kept in touch with almost 6 years later. The seasonal activities and projects were really creative, but my kids were engaged and happy every day, sometimes wanting to stay even when I was ready to take them home at the end of a long day.



The best example I can give of how much my kids felt a part of GB is that, upon returning from a 5-day trip from Disney World, my kids said that they missed GB and were glad to be back. When my daughter suffered an illness requiring a week’s hospitalization in Ann Arbor, her class made her cards and the GB staff brought them to UM. When my then 18 month-old middle child broke his leg and was in a cast up to his diaper, the staff didn’t blink. They took it in stride, caring for him the way they always had. I owe the kids’ self-confidence and academic performance to the structured, engaging, and creative learning environment they received at GB.

- Margaret T. Debler



Our two boys (now 9 and 7) that went to Great Beginnings for 4 and 5 years, respectively. We LOVE Great Beginnings. The boys had a fabulous time there and made their 1st BEST FRIENDS at G.B. Both Management and staff are Superb. The boys have very fond memories of their days at G.B., where no HOLIDAY went uncelebrated. We will always remember the “Spooky” Halloween room and SANTA! Loved the spirit! Keep it up and many happy returns.

- Jinane, Steve, Andrew and Matthew